Arrival in the UK

So this post is way late but after a year of work I have arrived in the UK… about 4 months ago. Yeah… a Little late post but in my defense I have been quite busy. Since I arrived I have moved in with my best friend of 8 years and am now writing for a news blog as their travel writer. Mind you that mostly means writing about venues and events I go to in London. 
King's Cross Station
The first sight I saw when I arrived.


On the train there is where I met some great people named Arpan and Jackie. Jackie and I became quick friends. She is a talented woman who runs her own ghost tours of London in which I have on many occasions attended. More of that will be posted in future blogs and articles.The first sight I got to see when I arrived. None other than King’s Cross Station. Shortly after arriving(and Arpan waiting with me since James got lost) James showed with a huge smile to great me with a giant hug and kiss. Mind you after 8 years it was a long overdue.

Hay's Galleria
My Bestie took me to the Hay’s Galleria so I took a shot of his handsome face.

James quickly made me feel at home and took me around central London to see Towers bridge, the Queens walk and Hay’s Galleria. He has been the best htost and is making my time here great! I still get the occasional look from strangers but  no where near as much as in as in the US. Its quite refreshing actually. Well until next time 😀


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