Born from the Flames

As much as I would love to jump in to this with a story, I figured this would be the time to introduce the writer. While I do not want to get too detailed about my not so happy upbringings I figure some information could not hurt,as it is always nice to have some insight into the writer. I spent the majority of my childhood at Shiners’ Burn Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. You would think it would hold bad memories for me but on the contrary, it was like a sanctuary to me from a situation that I rather not talk about. The hospital became my safe place, despite the pains I went through with surgeries; at least it wasn’t being thrown downstairs or choked until I passed out. At the hospital, I was just another kid playing with other kids like me. The multiple operations, physical therapy, and dressing changes may have hurt but I knew all the pain was needed to help me to grow and have more mobility. Not only did the pain have a purpose, I also always knew things could get worse. I learned how to be strong  and I had became a pro at hiding my pain, pretending that everything was ok by painting a smile on my face.  Even though hardships happen and life is not perfect, despite hardships I have kept a positive attitude and became a strong person because a positive attitude helps make a happier existence, a poor attitude will not make things better, and perception is what makes life.

I had to keep a positive attitude and became a strong person because a positive attitude helps make a happier existence; at least that is what I would keep telling myself. But with all these negatives, I was able to find my passion. In the hospital bed, where I found sanctuary I was also able to find a world.. Many worlds within my head to escape to. Through the pain and the struggles, I reborn into a stronger person. No matter what life threw at me I knew that if I could survive those flames then nothing anyone could do to me would break me for I am born from flames.

Well, enough about me. Let gets on with the stories.

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